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FacesbyRob Dominates The Los Angeles Wedding Industry


Famous international makeup artist Rob Sargsyan, the man behind FacesbyRob, has built a career in the makeup and cosmetics industry because of his stunning talents. He and his team are currently dominating the world of weddings in Los Angeles and beyond. Through his work, he and his company have been featured in popular wedding magazines like OurWedding, Wedded Wonderland, and many more.

Apart from his work in the wedding industry, FacesbyRob has also been known for his collaborations with famous celebrities. Some of the notable celebrities he’s worked with include Kim Kardashian, Mel B, and Ashley Graham. Rob Sargsyan has earned the trust of these big names through his incredible makeup work that’s guaranteed to please clients. With Rob Sargsyan at the helm, FacesbyRob is being sought after by more and more famous stars.

The rise of FacesbyRob in the makeup and cosmetics industry is something Rob Sargsyan credits to his hard work and innate social skills. Despite having worked with celebrities, he gives the same amount of love and passion when working with everyday clients. For Rob, collaborating with celebrities is the same as working with anyone else. The looks are just as stunning, and his clients give him the same amount of appreciation.

Over the years, Rob Sargsyan has been the go-to person of models and celebrities for head-turning looks and stunning photograph shots. He has done makeup for hundreds of women, whom he features regularly on his Instagram. The brand has currently garnered over 300,000 followers on the social networking site, and their uploads have gained thousands of likes.

FacesbyRob also has its own signature style, called the RobGlow Look. The name was inspired by Rob Sargsyan’s goal of making every woman glow. Rob creates this refined, sunkissed look on his clients, which is especially meaningful for special occasions like weddings.

Apart from their work in doing clients’ makeup, FacesbyRob also offers cosmetic products through their website. Rob Sargsyan and his team recently developed a long-awaited makeup palette, called The RobGlow Book. This product, which contains all the essentials to create the signature Robglow look, is housed in a lush, sophisticated case.

FacesbyRob’s ongoing success is also certified by its partnership with various enterprises like Sephora, Dose of Colors, and Guess. Huge campaigns like these need reliable and world-class makeup work, and Rob Sargsyan was the man for the job. All these companies saw collaborating with Rob and his team as a success that they’ll almost certainly replicate in future campaigns.

As a dominant force in the Los Angeles wedding industry, FacesbyRob has made hundreds of women feel stunning on their special day. Rob Sargsyan proves versatility by creating wedding makeup looks that fit all kinds of brides. This variety in his work has continued to expand Rob’s market that allowed FacesbyRob to gain major popularity in the business.

With his solid credentials, Rob Sargsyan has reached a wider following. FacesbyRob began as a dream and has now transformed women to look their best around the world.

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