Falai Has Closed, and Falai Panetteria Is on the Market


After months of speculation, Iacopo has closed Falai, his six-year-old flagship restaurant on Clinton Street.

Following a report on Grub Street that the restaurant was temporarily closed due to “technical difficulties,” The New York Times has gotten confirmation from the horse’s mouth: Falai told the Times that he wants to “concentrate on the cafe on Lafayette and be in the kitchen more,” and also that. “The Lower East Side neighborhood has changed. I think it might be less fashionable. I don’t see as many customers coming from the Upper East Side.”

(To which the Lower East Side responds, “Thank you, Jesus.”)

Falai did say that Falai Panetteria, which sits on the corner of Clinton and Rivington streets, will remain open. However, that may not be the case for long: As The Lo-Down notes, that space is on the market for $126 per square foot.

We can’t help but think this would be a perfect location for BYGGYZ, the forthcoming sandwich shop from Dewey Dufresne — given that it’s less than a block away from wd~50, just think of all of the money Wylie would save on those barbecue soda deliveries.