Family Offers $30,000 for Return of Grave-Snatched Grandma


Bizarrely, grave-robbers have stolen the body of Mattia Filippazzo, a Long Island grandma, from the mausoleum where she was interred with her husband at St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale, New York. Why? The family has little idea, and Suffolk County police are apparently baffled as well. Law and Order, are you listening from the grave?

Apparently, grave robbers vandalized two other mausoleums before they managed to crack into the Filippazzo’s, and Deputy Inspector Robert Brown said that though Mattia did not appear to be targeted, “the thieves came prepared and ‘knew what they would face in order to open a casket.'” Creepy.

Anyway, her family wants Mattia’s body back and will pay $30,000 for it. Which seems like pretty good incentive to return poor Grandma, assuming we can even begin to understand the motives of those who stole her. Grandpa, by the way, was left intact, which comes as an additional offense to the family, as the two were supposed to be together in life and death:

“They took her and not him? I don’t understand anything,” said the Filippazzos’ daughter-in-law, Louise, cursing the thieves in Italian.

Thieves, there is a name for your crime, and it is “aggravated cemetery desecration.” Also, it is pretty fucked up. Bring Grandma back!

[via Daily News, Long Island Press]