Farewell, Rob Harvilla


Once, he infiltrated Michael Bolton’s house, where he proceeded to photograph the innocent singer’s Scrabble board and College Dropout platinum plaque. At least one regular reader was moved to write an entire song in tribute, the first line of which was: “WHAT? HARVILLA PROMOTED ANOTHER MILLIONAIRE?” He called his long-running print column “Down in Front” because he was indeed tall and difficult to see over at shows, and felt bad about that fact. Da Capo gave him both awards and honorable mentions; a not insignificant number of pieces he edited went on to win more of the same. His office couch was comfortable, his kindness legendary, and now, five years after showing up here from the hinterlands of California, he’s headed back. We’ll miss you Rob. And since your fame is sure to be more enduring than MIMS’, let’s all just pretend you drafted this nifty graphic with yourself in mind and remember it forever. From left to right, all together now:

Take care, buddy. This office will not be the same without your Chinese Democracy liner-note readings, your inexplicable defenses of worthless bands like Phish. If you need us, we’ll be over here weeping and listening to this: