Forbes Monaco and Luiz Costa Macambira’s “Trade of the Century”


From oil to sugar, shells to gold, it seems there is nothing people cannot trade. George Soros broke the British pound in September 1992—bringing the Bank of England to its knees—the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market leading to “Panic Thursday,” and Jesse Livermore pioneered “day trading,” during the early 1900s, proving the power of trade and how it can shake up markets and industries. While they were all certainly trading legends in their own right, Luiz Costa Macambira—a businessman, entrepreneur, and publishing leader—went with a less typical route for his trading. Luiz made everyone’s favorite “pick-me-up in a cup” his futures’ market playground. That’s right, coffee, proved to be his golden ticket. That is until Luiz traded his coffee empire for a publishing one with a swift and calculated risk.

Back in 1990, when Russia was an emerging economy, the Italo-Brazilian entrepreneur made his first visit to the former Soviet Union. Fascinated by the culture Luiz couldn’t wait to do business with the new players on the world stage. After some trial and error, the experienced entrepreneur quickly established himself as the premier coffee trader in the country, and a leader in the market during the nineties. Though the business was lucrative Luiz got out of the game and relocated to none other than Monaco, for what he thought would be an early retirement.

Fast Forward to 2017, after living in Monaco for more than a decade, Luiz decided to dive into the uncharted world of media. Having a flair for the finer things in life, he opted for launching one of the most unique Forbes editions—Forbes Monaco. With no experience in the business whatsoever, Luiz singlehandedly put together the first issue of the publication in record time—less than one month—and turned the iconic brand into “the voice” of the Principality of Monaco. Locals often refer to Monaco as a unique club (with its huge concentration of UHNWIs), and Luiz ingeniously turned Forbes Monaco into the magazine of that coveted club.

Today, the publication acts as a point of reference for the tiny principality. Forbes Monaco covers news, fashion, trends, tech, business, and entertainment, all while producing unforgettable events that draw in influential crowds. Ultimately, Luiz made the right trade, from coffee to publishing, and in the process created a lifestyle and community out of the luxe Forbes edition, solidifying Forbes Monaco as the premier destination for both local and international affluent audiences and luxurious brands.

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