Four, Five, to the Six to the Seven, Midwest Rap in Loopy Heaven


St. Louis has this thing that it can’t really name. Toya called it Rop—for Rap and Pop. Nelly called it the Midwest Swang, and J-Kwon calls it Hood Hop. But “Tipsy” is the best appellation yet for the woozy, but not dangerously drunken, variant of the two-stepping “We Will Rock You” beat that all these cats lay their nursery rhymes over. Thank stomp-happy producers the Trackboyz for the song’s uncanny appropriation of Timbo’s avant-garde retro-synthism circa “Try Again” and the Neps’ hard “Grindin’ ” minimalism into the mix. Thank J-Kwon himself for appropriating Kraftwerkian counting. Then rest easy knowing that a few more sources of rhythmic danger have been press-ganged into the service of delirious frat-party fantasia.