What does the future of contemporary photography look like? Find out at the New York Photo Festival, where, for four days starting Thursday, the cobblestone streets of DUMBO will be teeming with photo professionals, amateurs, students, and art lovers of all stripes eager to get a look at this year’s selections. Curated by NYU photography professor Fred Ritchin, curator-writer Erik Kessels, photography critic Vince Aletti, and rock god/photographer Lou Reed, the event features seminars, slide shows, book signings, photographic workshops, live performances, and a gallery row. On Saturday, May 15, at 6 p.m., don’t miss the Slideluck Potshow (at the archway under the Manhattan Bridge), where attendees must bring a dish, preferably homemade, to share while watching a spectacular array of slides and multimedia presentations (tickets are $10 to $20).

May 13-16, noon, 2010