Gail Kasper Bikini Photos for Troops: New Jersey Woman Gives Soldiers a Boost


Hmm…what will sex-starved soldiers ever use these photos for?

Supportive and super-fit New Jersey woman Gail Kasper is doing her part for American troops in an untraditional but nonetheless humanitarian way, sending autographed posters of herself in a bikini in partnership with Soldier’s Angels, an army support group, according to the Daily News. Kasper spent several days signing the 12,000 posters, documenting her progress on Facebook.

“I could’ve just sent them, but for me, the right thing to do is to sign them, to show that someone actually cares,” she told the Daily News. “The poster is something that helps them feel good, but ultimately the work I do is helping them to stay strong.”

On a side note, this woman is 45!! How is this humanly possible?? According to her website (where the posters are sold for charity), “She is Ms. Continental America 2008-09, Philadelphia’s Sexiest Single 2008, and named a 2010 Top 5 Finalist for the Wilhelmina-Shape Magazine Hot Body Competition.” She also welcomes e-mails from the troops. We can only imagine some of the comments that must reach this woman’s inbox!

“They reach out and tell me how they’re feeling and the challenges they’re going through,” she told the Daily News.

Well, gentlemen overseas, start your engines. Now, we just need a guy to do this for our lady-troops — Naked Cowboy, are you listening?