Gay Hanky Codes For Dummies


I’m so sartorially clueless that when I spot a gay guy wearing a brown hanky in the left pocket, I usually think, “Fashionable!” But of course what it really means is “Scat top!” Prepare to run as far away as possible–unless you happen to wear a brown hanky in the right pocket.

To clarify things, here’s a “Gay Hanky Code” chart which tells you in amazing detail what which color means on what side–that is, if you still subscribe to the old-school gay hanky thing in the first place. And if you don’t, you’d better learn it anyway just in case someone else does.

After absorbing all this intricate info about fetishy fashion choices, you’ll know, for example, that light pink on the right will have people coming at you with a large dildo and yellow on the right means…well, I’m pretty sure you can figure that one out yourself. (No, it doesn’t involve lemonade. Per se.)

As a bonus, there’s a “Twink Code” link at the bottom–just in case you thought all twinks were alike!