Grant Cardone Takes to the Huffington Post to Head Off “Haters”


Grant Cardone, NatGeo’s “Turnaround King” proves, at least, that he can write inspirational salespeak babble with the best of them in a post he put up at the Huffington Post today.

Titled “Why Criticism Is Important To Success,” Cardone does everything but actually mention what kind of criticism he’s been receiving since his show premiered last week.

Allow us to remind him.

Cardone is working a cute trick throughout his post. He’s only being criticized, he says, because he’s successful. In fact, that criticism is a sign that he’s doing the right thing. So it only makes sense to thrive on it.

Stuart Smalley couldn’t knock an affirmation like that. Here’s Grant’s “formula”:

Criticism and the Success Formula

1) Get so much attention you start to get criticism.
2) Disregard the criticism and get more attention. (Never attack the haters).
3) Criticism will increase to new levels, even lies, increasing the amount of attention again.
4) Continue getting attention, disregarding the criticism, until admiration, at which point the haters will move on to pick another target (they always do)!

Cardone, of course, doesn’t touch the controversy that we’ve been delving into here at Runnin’ Scared over the past week: that Cardone, as a wealthy and high-level Scientologist, did dirty work for the church by sliming a well-known and respected acting coach, Milton Katselas, with e-mails intended to ruin the 73-year-old man’s reputation.

This is especially repugnant because of the persona Cardone is developing at the NatGeo show — an up-with-people, supportive sales guru who counseled the owners of a failing Gold’s Gym (in the premiere episode) to trust and rely on their talented workers to help fix their business. What an egalitarian, understanding, help-the-little-guy kind of guy!

Cardone’s sick treatment of fellow Scientologist Katselas, revealed so unsparingly in his own letter to the old man, doesn’t really fit that picture.

He seemed to be following a different program then, just four years ago:

Slander and the Way of Happiness

1) Give so much cash DM starts to quiver.
2) Disregard a man’s lifelong dedication and get him, cold. (Haters attack first.)
3) Intimidate at new levels, even with lies, increasing the amount of pressure.
4) Continue giving pressure, disregarding the damage, until ruin, at which point haters will move on to pick another target (DM always finds another one)!


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