Help! Blandness Has Taken Over Our Culture!


Click here for my new column, which is incredibly spicy and cutting-edge as it dissects the blandness that’s overtaken our culture like margarine on a ciabatta sandwich.

Chow down as I brilliantly dissect the dispiriting developments in TV, music, movies, and media that have taken the oomph out of our lives and replaced it with numbing entertainment that we submit to like lobotomized cows.

And Justin Bieber is only the half of it!

There are many sociopolitical reasons why everything in our midst has overbaked, then sat around for a while and turned to a room-temperature musty pudding with no taste whatsoever.

Stars are to blame for it, as are producers, and politicians — but it’s mainly ourselves.

We’re the chefs who orchestrate our own bland meals of culture, and as always, we get the entertainment we deserve.

So before you go back to your life-effacing routine of reality shows/social networking/snarking, please read this and get burned up again.

It will make you a revolutionary — and not a bland one.