Help Protect The Glammy Awards From A Legal Threat!


For 14 years, the Glammy Awards have been Cherry Jubilee‘s fabulous annual tribute to the best in LGBT nightlife, including drag queens, bartenders, gogo dancers, hosts, and bars.

Well, Cherry tells me that this local, enjoyable, non-toxic event is riling up the Grammy Awards to the point of legal action!

Cherry tried to trademark GLAMMY AWARDS, and the GRAMMY AWARDS lawyers did everything to stop her in her tracks.

Says she:

“I’ve been fighting them myself (since I can’t afford lawyers) for over a year. They’ve tried every trick and maneuver in the dirty playbook. And they got my request for one denied.

“And now, not being happy enough with that, they are threatening me and XL (the venue where we are holding GLAMMYS this year) with lawsuits…demanding we not use the name.

“You know, I have worked really hard for the past 14 years to make this event a staple in our LGBT nightlife community, and the name has become well known and well respected.

“And there really is no reason to try to destroy that.

“They feel the similarities would cause confusion and ‘damage’ their mark. It’s absurd.

“There is another annual, larger, more famous national GLAMMY AWARDS, which Glamour magazine gives to beauty products. But they have apparently not been attacked as we have, as they just had an awards ceremony this past March!”

Looks like the Grammys are targeting a long-running gay nightlife event that poses no threat to them and leads to no confusion about the Grammy brand whatsoever.

And Cherry has a plan:

“To avoid any lawsuits and continue on with the ceremony this November, I have agreed with XL to call it the GLAM AWARDS this year.

“But I have started a petition drawn up on to halt the GRAMMY AWARDS’ attack on our nonprofit LGBT event.

Here it is.”