Here’s a Very Brief Tour of a 100-Square-Foot Upper West Side Apartment


“My living room is Central Park,” says the man who rents a 100-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side.

Grayson Altenberg recently moved to New York from Wisconsin to work in a restaurant at Lincoln Center. Altenberg was gracious enough to give us a brief tour of his small living space, which he says he chose because of its close proximity to his job. Before he moved in to an apartment the size of a Midwestern bathroom, he shared a space with two roommates in Brooklyn. He says he’s also just bought an air-conditioning unit, making it comfortable to live full-time in what has to be one of Manhattan’s smallest living spaces.

This is the same apartment that real estate blog Curbed memorably described as being “so sad it hurts,” but the fresh-faced Altenberg seems to be keeping a positive attitude within his small quarters, for which he pays $1,100 a month in rent.

By the way, here’s the memorable listing for the place when it was last on the market.

This famous (featured in media for ridiculously tiny size) apartment is available for the same price partially furnished or unfurnished – and it’s SMALL.

How small is it, you ask?

– This apartment is so small, you can’t have three friends over at the same time; one of you will have to wait outside in the hall.

– It’s so small you can’t gain weight once you move in.

– It’s so small there’s a bumper on the front door to keep it from hitting the back wall.

– It’s so small you have to move the bed just to open and close the front door.

– It’s about 100sf, with the main room perhaps 7′ x 11′, plus a bathroom, NO KITCHEN OR STOVE, and the shower next to the sink.

And fortunately, only this bullet point is true.

It continues:

If you want to live in the very heart of the Upper West Side…

If you want restaurants and shops and trains and everything you could imagine within a 2 minute walk of your front door…

If you want a safe place to come home to without roommates or parents or kids or anything around to bother you…

If you want a newly renovated apartment to lay your head, as a fulltime place or a pied-a-terre, with plank flooring, skylight, and new shower and bathroom, plus blazing fast Internet…

Then contact me, and I’ll show it to you. This is the absolute lowest price at which you can move into the West 70s! And look at the bright sides of such an apartment: 4th floor walkup means you’ll stay in shape; no separate kitchen area or stove means no dishes to clean; and an apartment this cheap means the 15% broker fee is still under $2000. Where can you find THAT in this area? 🙂

Apartment is newly painted and now features shelving (more pics to follow); current cube fridge and microwave, and twin bed can be included if desired. Landlord requires two months’ security.

If you’re interested in the place, its rental history shows that most tenants only stay for about a year.