Hey, Look, a “DIY Bushwick Music Festival” Starts Tonight


Our collective obsession with another inaugural festival distracted us from a much more humble one happening right in our own backyard. Tonight, the first annual “DIY Bushwick Music Festival” commences, and though we’re cynical fuckers leery of anyone using those three oft-abused letters to promote their enterprises–if you’re offering that sensibility, you shouldn’t have to advertise it–we’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt. More folks throwing shows off-the-beaten-Bowery path is a positive thing, right? In any case, by the looks of the schedule, this is Northside Fest’s baby brother, with four nights of shows in ten different venues, including Goodbye Blue Monday, Don Pedro’s, Eastern District, and Bushwick Music Studios, whose owner is the person behind the fledgling fest. Highlights include itinerant thrift-store orchestra the Eskalators, 8-bit duo Graffiti Monsters, YIMBY art-wobblers Glass Ghost, Elliot Smithy songwriter Archipelago, everywhere dance-dude Anton Glamb. Lastly, if you’d like to offer your pro-bono flyer design services for next year, pretty sure these guys would happily take it. [Free Williamsburg]