Holding Trevor’s OD Romance


Such an anomie-filled nothing of a movie that it wouldn’t even be a pleasure to savage it. The Trevor of the title (Brent Gorski, who also wrote the screenplay) is trying to break away from his monstrous heroin addict of an ex-boyfriend, Darrell, while preserving a relationship with his difficult besties, Andie (Melissa Searing) and Jake (Jay Brannan), who constantly snipe at him and each other. When Darrell inevitably ODs, the emergency-room doctor turns out to be a hottie named Ephram (Eli Kranski). Ephram and Trevor fall in love, fight, make up, etc. That’s pretty much it, aside from a weirdly played HIV scare. Trevor’s life is literally empty—he and Andie and Jake careen around L.A., but none of the locales they hit up seem to be inhabited by more than five people. I don’t know if director Rosser Goodman had a reason for this other than a lack of money in the budget to hire extras, but the effect is creepy. There’s nothing to fill up the 88 minutes of the film except for the idle bitchery spewed by nearly every character. Are there really people out there who are so irredeemably nasty to their friends and lovers, while actually managing to keep them as friends and lovers?