Hooray For Clay! Why His Fatherhood Might Be OK!


I was so stunned by the news that Clay Aiken is set to be a daddy that I spit out my Ambien cocktail and forgot to even comment about it. But now that I’ve had some time to pick myself off the floor and regroup on the subject, I must say this development makes perfect sense. After all, gay men are having babies all the time! (See below post on the Details article about the gay baby boom, which studiously omitted me.) And to do so, a gay guy generally needs a female vagina! (As opposed to a male vagina.) I only have a few concerns about this wacky turn of events. I hope Clay is doing this because he really wants to bring a human life into the world, not to prove some kind of crazy virility that his Internet hookup claimed was lacking. I also pray people will stop saying Clay’s packed on a few pounds lately and suddenly looks like a sperm whale, ba dum pum! But mainly, I wish Clay the best in his newest intergenerational endeavor. And I hope he and his older lady friend slash producer are as happy as Randy Travis and his!