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How a Small Cigar Company, Pearls, is Making a Groundbreaking Impact on the Tobacco Industry


Cigar smoking has long been associated with wealth and success, perhaps because it was commonly used by the rich and celebrities back in the day. Over the years, however, this mentality has changed. Many people are now familiar with cigars, especially with the emergence of so many brands.

Pearls is a small cigar company Founded by Antony Levinson that is making headlines in the tobacco industry for its unique and high-quality products. Despite having been in the industry for a short period, Pearls has already left an unforgettable mark.

Typically when most people hear of cigars, what comes to mind are the straight-sided cigars, which are known as Parejos. However, together with his team Levinson has introduced unique DIY cigar cones with a reusable glass tip that are easy and safe to use.

In recent years the tobacco industry has been grappling with quality, partly because more and more companies are opting to outsource their leaves. Pearls grow their leaves themselves to keep an eye on the plants and guarantee the quality of their products. According to Antony Levinson, they have farmland where they grow and harvest their tobacco leaves once they have aged and reached their best flavor. An advantage of having farmland is no one rushes you on the harvest. The team at pearls gives room for the tobacco leaves to age and produce strong cigars that are enjoyable to its clients.

While growing the business is essential, Pearls does not compromise when it comes to quality. With some other companies opting for high quantity and more significant profits rather than high quality, Pearls remains grounded to their goal of ensuring client satisfaction by producing high-quality products.

The digital age has seen many businesses shift their business to the online space. Pearls gives its clients a user-centric experience. By visiting their website, you get to see the products they offer and information about each one. Not to mention the ability to make a purchase anywhere in the United States.

Antony Levinson has been in the tobacco and cannabis industry for quite some time, giving him all the necessary experience and knowledge to provide his clients with the best cigars. Levinson notes a reason why people fail is their fear of being unique. As it is, the market is congested, and what consumers are looking for is something unique and is different from the rest. Levinson says to survive in this industry you should learn to be unique.

Though major players have long dominated the tobacco industry, a new era is coming with some of the older companies declining through the years. One of the reasons for the downfall is downgrading their quality. After they get into the limelight and establish themselves in the industry, many companies tend to lower on the quality. Even as Pearls continues to flourish, their work ethic and goal of redefining the tobacco industry have not changed.

With so many cigar companies, cigar lovers are at a crossroads. Many low-grade products are making their way into the market, asking customers to spend money on second-rate products. Pearls ensure to provide its clients the best quality service and outstanding cigars that will leave them craving for more.

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