How Dr. Chris Zaino Encourages Men to Supercharge Their Health


While more than half of the U.S. population reportedly wishes to enhance their physical health in the new year, many people – particularly men – are lost on how to get started. With so much of humans’ well-being directly tied to their individual body chemistry, particularly with age, countless aspirants hoping to solve their issues with exercise are already severely limited by their own internal genetic makeup. As an expert and advocate for the use of regenerative medicine among aging men, a population wrought with issues caused by unbalanced hormones, a normal biochemistry, and the body’s decreasing amount of regenerative properties with age,, Dr. Chris Zaino helps lead men to a highly-efficient solution to their problems, solving troubles from the inside-out.

Despite his past as a champion bodybuilder, Zaino’s own physique went into a major decline in his mid-thirties when suffering from his own abnormal hormone levels and its subsequent symptoms. Plagued with brain fog, chronic inflammation, constant fatigue, low sex drive and function, along with depression, Zaino knew he needed to find a fix; that’s when Zaino came across regenerative medicine, the best-kept secret of billionaires and elite athletes to elevate their performance and purportedly reverse and effects of aging. After receiving treatment, Zaino was not only restored to his former glory, but achieved an entirely new threshold of optimization in both his body and mind.

Zaino’s certainly not the only man to face these difficulties, as human’s rapid decline in regenerative properties  from birth to maturation and men’s age-caused lowered Hormone levels have made these issues incredibly commonplace among the middle-age male population. Unfortunately for American men, limitations on the use of regenerative medicine  have made seeking legal treatment within the country’s borders next-to-impossible, resulting in dangerous underground alternatives that fail to meet quality standards. Hoping to make the same life-changing treatment accessible to his fellow U.S. men, Zaino now acts as a vocal advocate for the RegenerAge clinic in Cancun, Mexico, offering a secure and safe treatment opportunity just a quick flight from the continental United States.

Built by Dr. Joel I. Osorio, Dr. Kristoffer T. Chaffin, RegenerAge utilizes state-of-the-art stem cell treatments and Bioquantine to bring its patients back into their prime. Through balancing body hormones and optimizing patients’ human chemistry, RegenerAge has brought its long list of clientele that ranges from sheiks to CEOs toward a supercharged performance both mentally and physically, extending their livelihood and enhancing their day-to-day activities. As one of the premier sources of regenerative medicine in North America, plenty of the clinic’s success can be attributed to Zaino, who’s courageous sharing of his own personal journey throughout his storied public speaking career has encouraged men to follow in his wake and finally supercharge their health to new heights.

Explore Dr. Zaino’s Instagram and website for more on his impactful story, and check out RegenerAge’s Instagram for further information about regenerative medicine.

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