How Lauren Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books Makes Life Brighter for Children of All Ages


These days, information is as easy to access as the simple click of a mouse or tap of a screen. Whether through social media, television, the internet or even via text, it’s nearly impossible to escape this overwhelming and oftentimes antagonist onslaught of news. Children are especially prone to absorbing this non-stop negativity, privy in close quarters to whatever program drones on the TV or conversation grown-ups around may be having. While many adults may not think twice about these influences, kids have been proven to learn through observation, with this exposure potentially having negative consequences on their future. Now, former teacher Lauren Grabois Fischer is offsetting this influence on the youth for the better, encouraging positivity and acceptance through her line of educational children’s books, The Be Books.

While writing had always been a strong suit of Grabois Fischer’s, it wasn’t until her husband’s repeated encouragement finally prompted her to begin publishing books. Time spent in the classroom coupled with her own experience raising her young son and daughter gave Grabois Fischer a unique perspective to writing as both a parent and educator. With this nuanced approach, the author made sure to integrate appeal to both children’s learning skills and behavioral patterns in her works, all while encouraging them to be caring and open individuals.

The first book of the collection, Be Who You Were Meant to Be, made an instant splash with children all across the world and their parents alike, prompting Grabois Fischer to write more.

From The ABCs to a Mindful Life to Love Grows Love, each of Grabois Fischer’s works covers a different lesson important for kids to learn, from gratitude to kindness all the way to communication and acceptance. Now, the children’s author is at hard work on her ninth book in The Be Books series, which is sure to continue her positive theme throughout.

The Be Books also takes a rare angle unlike other youth-oriented books on the market, as all of the collection’s entries come with worksheets in the back with the aim of truly integrating the learning concepts into the reader’s minds. The volumes are also available in a variety of presentations including affordable paperbacks, as well as hardcovers for families to treasure throughout lifetimes, putting no age or accessibility limit on enjoying the collection’s wonderful and progressive messages.

Though the world outside may be daunting, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books provides an illuminating hope to children everywhere, ultimately preparing them for a better future in the process.

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