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How Nick Kozmin can boost growth through customer-friendly concepts


It is said that 90% of startups fail, but Nick Kozmin, a budding Canadian entrepreneur feels that this percentage is unnecessarily high especially for entrepreneurs who are bootstrapped.

Nick Kozmin is the founder and CEO of, a company that helps bootstrapped internet entrepreneurs design and build offers and a sales process that allows them to grow their businesses exponentially. They have helped numerous companies grow in various industries and sectors. Kozmin uses a multitude of techniques and strategies to simply the growth process.

Under Nick Kozmin’s leadership has grown rapidly with a stellar clientele, including various leading businesses and brands such as AdvisorStream, Copilot AI, Thinkster Math, Press Advantage, Kinobody, and Keboola. Kozmin develops and shares complex concepts and strategies with his customers to help them boost growth.

Kozmin elaborates, “Meshing engineering design and salesmanship tactics allow one to quickly find product-market-fit and scale quickly without much waste. There is a series of steps that one who is motivated can take to make entrepreneurship much more enjoyable and rewarding than what is communicated in most entrepreneurial literature.”

Nick Kozmin is deeply passionate about sharing his expertise with his clients, while his innovative and effective approach has earned him a stellar reputation. While he continues to help budding entrepreneurs embrace growth and diversification, Kozmin has his eyes set on the horizon with several new initiatives in the pipeline.

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