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How To Sell Nudes: 2023 Guide To Making Money From Nude Pics


Selling your nude pictures is one of the easiest ways to make money as an online model or performer. Sure, the whole trend has become pretty mainstream these days, but it’s no less in demand and—best of all—profitable.

Additionally, selling your nude pics is also a business that doesn’t require too much capital, or startup money: you’ll just need a working camera, and the confidence to bare some skin for your admirers to fawn over.

In this article, we tell you all about the ins and outs of how to sell your nude photos online. We cover topics like the best sites to host your business including OnlyFans and Chaturbate, along with the different ways you can thrive in this biz.

What You Need to Sell Nudes Online

If you want to sell your pics online, there are a few things you’ll need to invest in:


First off, you’re going to require a camera to take pictures of your sexy self. When it comes to selling nude pictures online, you’re going after image quality. Anything less than 5MP is considered less than ideal if you want to have a shot at success in the business. After all, who wants to see a bunch of incomprehensible pixels when they expect some nice, juicy shots?

Thankfully, most cameras nowadays go above the bare 5MP minimum, so all you need is to choose the perfect type of device to use.

Your Phone’s Camera

This is the most common piece of equipment used in the nude picture biz, considering that it’s readily available, and most phones with respectable camera specs and image quality come at reasonable prices.

The cameras that come with today’s phones are some of the most convenient to use if you don’t have any know-how on photo editing, since they come with “smart” features that automatically adjust your images. Not to mention, photo editing apps are readily available on the app store.

A majority of nude models who sell nudes or perform live cam shows use their phone cameras, so this is one of the best tools to use.


DSLRs, or digital single-lens reflex cameras, are much pricier than other camera types you could use to take nude pics of yourself. That’s because DSLRs have higher quality hardware available compared to their smartphone counterparts. If you’re looking for the absolute top tier of image quality, then going with a DSLR is the route for you.

Bear in mind that DSLRs require a certain degree of photography knowledge, and skills in order to make the most of it. Unlike phone cams, these things have more complex settings that you need to know how to adjust to properly capture yourself.

DSLRs also require that you use separate image editing software, or apps to revise your pictures, which makes it a very technically comprehensive device to use to sell nudes.

As such, DSLRs are best if either you have a photographer with you who knows how to use it and all the necessary editing software, or you know how to operate things properly yourself.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroids, to put it succinctly, are one of the best tools to have to supplement your nude photo gig. Now, it goes without saying that polaroid pictures have a lot—and we mean A LOT—of limitations to them.

For one, you don’t have the ability to apply any editing app or software to the images that you take with a polaroid. Secondly, the number of images you take are relative to how much polaroid film you have in your camera—so it gets expensive, too.

On the plus side, polaroids produce physical copies of your images that can’t be easily—or if at all—reproduced. This provides you with a lot of benefits, all of which you’ll find out later.


Consider the tripod as a very valuable secondary equipment you’ll need to properly produce, and eventually, sell your nudes. Not all of your shots will require the use of a tripod, of course, but having one allows you to expand the variety of images you can capture.

You can score a quality tripod for as low as $20, which is more than a fair investment once you start selling your nudes!

Types of Nude Photos to Sell Online

Believe it or not, people who buy nude photos of models and performers online don’t just want you flashing your tits or spreading that WAP in front of the camera. There are certain details you must pay attention to if you want to stand out among the thousands of other models who sell nude photos online.


Selfies are the most common and easiest type of nude photo to sell. In fact, you could think of nude selfies as the bread and butter of the whole business, and it’s no surprise: it’s easy to pull off and you’re not going to need anything else other than your unclothed self and your camera to take nude selfies.

On the downside, selfies provide very little in terms of angle and composition. After all, the human arm can only extend or bend one way or the other so much.

Full-Scale Photoshoots

Now, dedicated photoshoots are a popular option, too. You don’t just do selfies here; you pose in a wide array of angles and with different compositions to show off your goods. For this, you’ll either need a personal photographer or the use of a tripod.

Photoshoots are integral to building whole image sets that you can sell to your clients, and this is where nude pic models really thrive. Especially if your shoots are themed—perhaps you’re doing cosplay, or going for a boudoir theme. Fans usually look for flavor when it comes to purchasing nude photos.


Polaroids are highly advisable if you’re going to sell them as exclusive items to your clients, regardless if you’re offering them as sets or, more commonly, piecemeal.

You can consider polaroid pics as products that belong to a higher tier in your store, where you can put a premium on your clients by tagging the physical copies as exclusive content.

Selling polaroid nudes also lets you give your fans an extra bit of personal touch by way of adding signatures or dedications to these pics. Some fans of nudes also prefer having a physical copy of your product, rather than just digital images they see on-screen. Again, it’s all about providing a connection between you and your clientele.

The fact that polaroid prints are much more difficult to reproduce allows you more protection from piracy.

So, like we said earlier, polaroid pictures are better off for supplementing your income as a nude photo model. Making it as your primary product, well, not so much.

How To Sell Nudes Online for Money

There are two ways to sell your nude pictures:

Image Sets

Most nude models don’t sell their nudes per piece. Instead, they release full image sets to their clients, which are made up of at least 20 photos and go up from there. Full image sets are very common, considering that clients get as much value for money as they can from your product, which is why this is the most ideal business model to go with.

Regardless if you’re running a subscription-based business, or one that relies on individual sales, people are always looking for the most bang for their buck.

Individual Photos

Selling photos individually, or piecemeal, might not be a good primary source of income if you’re just getting into the online nude model biz, but it’s a great way to provide you more earnings on the side.

Pricing your nudes, be they physical or digital products, per piece is the ideal option if you’re coming up with higher tier releases. Let’s say you’d only provide a certain number of spots for your clients to acquire a JPEG or physical print of your nudes, which then allows you to jack up the price on your products.

Best Places To Sell Nudes Online

Some of the top-rated sites for selling your luscious nudes online include the following:

1. OnlyFans – Sell OnlyFans Nudes for Big Profit

Starting in 2017, OnlyFans has arguably become the largest, and most famous, website for premium adult content, especially if you’re just starting out. So much so, that this site is the go-to spot for influencers to sell their NSFW wares that are banned from sites like YouTube.

What makes this site one of your best options to sell nudes is that aside from the fact that it lets you release as much content you want, you’re not at all limited by one medium. Apart from your nude images, you could also enter into the live cam show, or nude video niche; it all depends on what you want to sell.

OnlyFans works mostly on a subscription-based system where you—the model—are given the opportunity to set your own prices. These rates are subdivided into various plans, which range from quarterly subscriptions to a full year. Aside from this subscription model, OnlyFans also gives you the option to sell content piecemeal, with a set fee that you determine.

Of note is how secure your content remains with the site, as only members can access whatever you release on their platform. Physical products like polaroid prints, though, are all at the model’s discretion.

But perhaps what makes OnlyFans your best option to sell your nudes at is how generous they are when it comes to providing their models’ cut. The site only takes a measly 20 percent of your gross monthly earnings, while the rest all goes to your pocket.

On average, models who sign up with OnlyFans earn anywhere between $10k and $13k, depending on how many subscribers they have. Payouts are also easily made from the site to your personal bank account, and usually take less than a week to process.  See some of the best onlyfans models here who make much more than average.

All in all, OnlyFans stands out as the premiere site to sell nudes—or adult content in general, for that matter—especially if you’re an amateur.

2. Chaturbate – Best Site for Selling Nudes While Performing

Chaturbate is primarily a live sex cam show site. However, an underrated feature of this place is how well the site supports their models making money on the side by selling nudes.

You can sell nudes over Chaturbate in a couple of ways. First, you can charge your guests using their online currency or tokens, which they can use to purchase your nude images or photo sets. On the other hand, you could also opt to include your nudes as a benefit for clients who subscribe to your Chaturbate fan club.

Some Chaturbate models even use their nudes to sell memberships, or to promote themselves by using these sets or individual images as teasers for what they offer their paying customers.

And don’t think for a second that you won’t earn much from this site’s relatively large cut, which amounts to 40 percent of your gross earnings. That’s because Chaturbate has hundreds of millions of visitors, making it the largest live cam show site.

To keep it short, let’s just say that the 40 percent cut that Chaturbate takes from you is more than offset by the potential hundreds of thousands of purchases you could accrue per month working on this site.

3. ManyVids – Perfect Site To Sell Nude Content Piecemeal

ManyVids is a site that manages to balance a subscription and per-piece business for their models, as they let you charge for both.

Although the website’s way of conducting business might not be entirely unique, you’re going to find that ManyVids finds its edge with its roster and average fanbase. That’s because this site has become a sort of de facto home for nude models who lean toward the alternative and BBW genres, and their fans, of course.

ManyVids also takes on two different schemes when taking their models’ cuts: one for subscription, and the other for piecemeal content. For the former, they take 10-20 percent of your gross earnings; for the latter, you get to take home 60 percent of whatever you make from individual sales.

4. ModelCentro – Balanced Site to Sell Nude Photos

ModelCentro is the kind of site you’d want if you want to sell nudes as more of a side gig. They primarily focus on giving adult content models a place to conduct both live shows and sell nudes, which gives you a degree of variety for making mons.

This site uses a “token” (or online currency) business model where you charge your clients per piece, be it photo or video. Apart from that, ModelCentro performers also earn through the tips they receive from viewers of their live nude cam shows.

As far as site cuts are concerned, ModelCentro takes 25 percent of your gross earnings across the board, which is respectable enough to give you an average monthly take of $8k to $10k, depending on how much content you sell and what you make in tips.

5. iWantClips – Classy Site for Selling Nudes

Calling their models artists goes to show how iWantClips wants to prove that they’re not just your usual smut provider; they’re a classy purveyor of NSFW delights.

Now, one thing you’ll initially notice about iWantClips is how it’s geared more towards kinks and fetishes, which makes this the perfect site for nude models who prefer that genre.

Primarily, this site’s main draw is how you’re able to sell porn videos at your own prices, all the while letting you keep 100 percent of the take. That’s right: iWantClips doesn’t have a cut when selling videos.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on selling nudes here, you’re bound to get a 60 percent cut from your earnings, with the site taking 40 percent of the gross. In addition to that, iWantClips also allows their models to conduct phone sex businesses of which they take 30 percent of your gross earnings.

Finally, models on the site also have the opportunity to earn money from tips, where iWantClips takes a humble 20 percent of the total.

So, as you can see, iWantClips is pretty diverse when it comes to their cuts, which allows you to provide various types of adult content to your clients, from videos to nudes.

FAQs for Selling Nudes

Still hesitant? Here’s even more valuable info in regards to selling your nudes online:

Is It Convenient To Sell Nudes Online?

Yes, if you want to sell nudes, then you’re about to enter a very lucrative and model-friendly business. First of all, you won’t have to make personal appearances to provide your clients with your products. Unlike stripping or working as an escort, you could run your nude photo business online, and do everything from the comfort of your own home.

Does It Take Time To Sell Nudes?

Selling nudes is even more flexible on your schedule compared to working as a live cam model. That’s because you don’t have to perform live, which means you could still earn money without having to work online on any given day.

You have the opportunity to work as little as two hours a day shooting nudes, posting them, and then advertising them on whatever platform you choose.

Is It Safe To Sell Nudes?

If you sell nudes at legitimate model sites like OnlyFans or Chaturbate, then you can rest assured that you’re getting all the security you need to keep your information safe. The only people who see your NSFW content are the ones you want.

To sell nudes of your sexy self is also much safer than having to physically make an appearance at your workplace, such as a brothel or strip club, where the risks are higher in having unpleasant encounters with your clientele.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Nudes?

There’s no set amount, given that you have to take into account how much sales you make, the number of your paying clients, and the site you’re working for. On average, though, you’re looking at an approximate monthly income of $8k to $15k selling nudes online.

Is It Legal To Sell Nudes Online?

It’s legal as long as you and your clients are over the age of 18. Selling nudes and adult content in general to minors, or creating NSFW content meant for sale as a minor, is illegal.

Selling Nudes Online in Conclusion

You’re about to get into a highly profitable industry if you’re planning to sell nudes online. It’s a business that requires a relatively low capital or startup money, high potential for making you cash, it’s safe and legal, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do it.

Whether you want to sell nudes as a primary form of business, or you want it to supplement your earnings as an online model, making money off your birthday suit is a great and convenient way to go about it!

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