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How @Travel Helps Millions Of People Plan Their Next Holiday With Their Loved Ones

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Travelling is one of the most special aspects of our life and therefore everything has to be top-notch to make the experience memorable. Thankfully, @Travel, an excellent social community about travel exists which makes everything miraculously easy and efficient.

@Travel is a gigantic social community that brings millions of travel lovers on a platform. All these people passionately share their travel experiences with each other which proves to be beneficial for everyone as they plan their holiday. Also, the community is always loaded with stunning pics from different locations which is always a pleasure for the eyes.

@Travel was founded with the goal of inspiring people to see the world, even if it’s from behind the screen. Zak Longo & Mayur Patil, the founders decided to make @Travel to share their love for exploration. Further, the growth of social media made it easier to share the beauty of the world.

Travly Inc is the company behind @Travel on Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat. Over the years, @Travel has proved to be a go-to social media community for all travel lovers. @Travel was started in 2010 on Instagram with 475k followers and then in 2018, it came on TikTok with 10K followers. But the most impressive is @Travel on Snapchat. Created in 2021, the page has amassed 1.2 Million subscribers. Collectively the @Travel pages reach over 500 million views a month. Zak & Mayur also own popular pages like @Stays & @Cruises on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat as well.

What sets the community apart from others is the curated content it features, and the incredible creators it is affiliated with.  @Travel is the most valuable, and sought-after social media handle in the travel industry. The hashtag #Travel has over 2 billion views across all social platforms!

The community features a variety of big and small creators that have unique perspectives and a passion for capturing moments in common. The content of the pages can often be described as mesmerising, satisfying, and funny.

@Travel has enjoyed an incredible reach among netizens over the years. But how? The founders mention that they have done it by having a solid curation team. “With our finger on the pulse, we are always looking for the next big creator, and giving them a spotlight. Our @Travel pages post multiple times per day and feature content from our Travly ambassadors.” the founders explain.

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