I Had My Dream Role in A Music Video


The second I was asked to be in a music video for TV on the Radio‘s song “No Future Shock,” I did a little Google search and squealed, “Yes!”

OMG, the Brooklyn band is huge — in fact, they’re headlining Radio City in April!

So there I was at St. Cecilia’s gym in Williamsburg, watching a troupe of amazing dancers whoosh into a frenetically exciting number resplendent with sequins and feathers.

And then came my turn — I was the janitor mopping the shit up!

And I did it pretty well, even after the mop broke and I high-lariously tried to scoop up the glitter with my hands.

Thanks to filmmakers Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu for this plum gig.

And kudos to the dancers for laying there without batting an eye as I chewed the freakin’ scenery, Carol Burnett-style.