Ilan and Marcel Speak


Ilan Hall and Marcel Vigneron spoke to

Ilan, who is on his way to Spain in May, says he will take some time to work and travel before making any restaurant plans of his own, but he and Mikey are also toying with the idea of co-hosting a travel show together (a cross between Insomniac and Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations). He also defends his all-Spain-all-the-time approach: “Think about most chefs. They specialize in one field. I mean, Mario Batali cooks Italian food all the time.”

Marcel says “like” a lot and sounds just as weird and home-schooled as you’d imagine: “It’s kind of strange, being, like, inside the vortex.” He talks about getting a bottle smashed over his head by a chick who said “Oh, you’re that asshole from Top Chef.” As he puts it, “it was really a most unfortunate incident.” He also goes on and on about “Clippergate,” paprika and saffron, and his hair-do. Look out for his book, Hospitality Reality.