In Williamsburg: Condo/Hotel to Serve Third World Street Food; Brooklyn Star Is Moving


Oh, those Williamsburg developers, so blissfully unburdened by irony: Per The Brooklyn Paper, the Williamsburg Hotel and Residences, the luxury condo-hotel complex that will soon open on North 12th Street, will contain a restaurant called Streets that will serve “food inspired from the streets of the world.”

Which means “Third World delicacies” like banh mi and tripe satay. The company that’s developing the property is based in Minnesota, so take a minute to fully savor the idea of a group of Midwesterners coming to Brooklyn to serve loose interpretations of the food of developing nations in a hotel whose rooms are expected to start at $300 per night.

And also take a moment to consider that Susan Feninger basically did this already in Los Angeles a couple of years ago when she opened Street (singular!), a restaurant whose menu also features interpretations of the grub native to countries much less privileged and ironic than our own.

On a less unsavory note, Eater has learned that the Brooklyn Star, shuttered last February after a fire, will reopen in a new location. Joaquin Baca, the Star’s owner and chef, will be taking over the old Lazy Catfish space at 593 Lorimer, on the corner of Conselyea Street. He and his team will partner with Wilfie & Nell’s Simon Gibson, and, according to an email that Eater intercepted, “hope to be seeing you soon.”