Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J: “I Feel Like God is Talking Through Me”


Ease into the weekend with this round-up of music writing we’ve been reading.

Noisey talks to ICP’s Violent J about religion, marriage, and being in the world’s most hated band [Noisey]

Here’s Roger Ebert’s four-star review of Almost Famous [Roger Ebert]

The Ten Best Kurt Vile Songs [Pigeons and Planes]

The Secret History of Kobe Bryant’s Rap Career by Thomas Golianopoulos [Grantland]

Weird Al Yankovic Lets His Pop Absurdity Do the Talking [Rolling Stone]

How to Make Your Shitty Indie Band Successful [Noisey]

“Pop, Charts: On Paul Krugman” by Joshua Clover [The Nation]

Dana Perino Raps Back At Jay-Z (VIDEO) [TPM] Oh god, this is awful.

The rise and fall of ATL’s wildest spring break street party, as told by those who lived it. [Complex]