Intern Rosie Peaces Out


​​Today, I’m leaving New York for five months and embarking on a semester abroad. As such, I won’t be able to write for Runnin’ Scared anymore, or at least not till I’m back from Prague. So I just wanted to say: Bye for now, see you later, and thank you very much.

This has been a seriously cool internship, and I’ve learned a lot, thanks to Foster and Jen’s patience and awesomeness. I got:

  • Yelled at by Dov Charney,
  • Embarassed in public on a date with this guy,
  • Ordered to harass strangers on the street
  • Forced to opine end pigeons and bedbugs,
  • And shown the meaning of editorial success in the form of a marinated cat and listicle of Mel Gibson memes.
A learning experience, as they say.

But now I’m heading away from the center of the universe and off to Central Europe, where the music will be techno, the beer will be awesome, and the men will be creepy. In the meantime, if for some reason you enjoy reading what I write, I do a little bit of blogging and also will continue to write for NYU Local.

So, a big thank you to Mom, Dad, and Grandpa — sorry, I mean to say Jen, Foster, and Tony — and to my fellow interns Annie Werner and Leslie Minora, who rule pretty hard. I’ll see you guys next year.