Is ED Impacting Your Mental Health? We Review Friday Plans as It Might Be the Answer


2013 was memorable for many events: with everything from the mundane to historic happening in that short 365 days span. “Selfie” and “Twerk” were officially added to Webster’s dictionary, President Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term, and the Boston Bombing shocked the American Public. But there’s one event I’m certain you didn’t hear about. 

In 2013, the patent rights to generic Viagra® ended in Sweden[1]. Because of this, manufacturing prices were lower, and the price of generic Viagra® dropped a whopping 75%. In a study conducted by Swedish researcher Ralph Catalano and his associates, they looked at suicide rates of men around this time, specifically in the age ranges most affected by erectile dysfunction. The research concluded that as a result of the lower cost of generic Viagra®, these suicide rates dramatically decreased[2]

Unfortunately, in the United States, generic Viagra® did not see as dramatic of a reduction in cost as it did in Sweden. Despite the patent expiring in 2020[3], the cost of generic Viagra® can still be as high as $40 per pill[4]. That’s why Friday Plans decided to try something new.

What Is Friday Plans?

Friday Plans is a new startup that intends to bring those same low costs to America. While some ED medication companies let greed steer their business decisions, Friday Plans understands that this is a medical issue; it’s not about profits, it’s about helping people.  People are quite literally killing themselves because the system has failed them. Enough is enough.

The people at Friday Plans started with a simple mission: “How can we make sure that ED medication is available for less than the price of an energy drink, and how can we make sure it is as easy to buy online as supplements?” With over 30 million men in the United States currently dealing with ED[5], they believe this mission is well worth the effort.

So What Makes Friday Plans Unique?

Friday Plans understands how significant the impact of sexual wellness and financial security are on a person’s mental health. They felt our healthcare system is failing us and putting profit over people, and it was high time someone did something about it. 

So they built an entirely new system from the ground up. They got rid of the embarrassing doctor visits, the unnecessary shipping and prescription costs, and the cumbersome trips to the pharmacy; all the bloat that exists in our healthcare system-gone! 

They offer a free consultation, free prescription, and free shipping. In most states you don’t have to speak to a doctor at all, simply take this free questionnaire and a doctor will review your answers and approve you if you qualify. The questionnaire takes as little as 2 minutes to complete, and you’ll be well on your way to getting approved. That’s your first step to paying less for ED medication and upgrading your sex life to what Friday Plans calls  “Sex 2.0”.

How Much Does Friday Plans Charge for Their Generic Viagra®?

So little you’ll hardly believe it. Remember that $40 per pill cost? Cut that in half to $20. Now do it again. Is $10 still not low enough? Fine, half of that. $5 would be a more than reasonable price per pill.

But Friday Plans doesn’t care about what’s reasonable.  They care about giving you the medication you need at the best possible price and returning you to your old self. That’s why they offer their generic Viagra® for as low as $1.75 per pill. That may seem impossible, but it’s true, and the way they are able to do it is absolutely genius. 

How Can Friday Plans Charge as Low as $1.75 Per Pill of Generic Viagra®?

To save on costs, Friday Plans had to rethink the entire ED prescription process. Having doctors available for appointments isn’t cheap, and those costs are usually passed on to the patients. 

But with Friday Plans, in most states there is no doctor’s visit. Not only can you save yourself the embarrassment of talking about ED, you can save yourself time and money by answering a simple online questionnaire. Their innovative direct-to-patient platform makes everything way easier and far more efficient. 

Friday Plans also lowers costs by using one of the country’s largest central fill pharmacies. Central fill pharmacies are larger facilities that utilize automation to speed up the prescription filling process and decrease labor costs. When the cost of filling the prescription goes down, so does the overall cost for you, the patient.

Friday Plans also sources their generic Viagra® directly from FDA-approved pharmaceutical manufacturers. Instead of using sketchy compounding facilities like some of their competitors, Friday Plans makes sure that their pharmaceutical manufacturers are heavily regulated and up-to-date on their safety standards. So you can be 100% confident the medication they provide is FDA-approved generics, manufactured in compliance with all the quality standards required to ensure they are completely safe. 

Do I Still Have to Talk to My Doctor?

The usual process to get generic Viagra®  involves the frustrating process of meeting with your primary care physician. You have to schedule a doctor’s visit, which not only could take weeks, but can cost you hundreds of dollars. Without insurance, even a simple doctor’s visit could run you between $300 and $600 dollars[5]. Not to mention you have to take a day off work, losing wages or using up precious P.T.O.

So Friday Plans made the doctor’s visit free and asynchronous. In most states, you don’t even have to speak with a doctor online to get your prescription. Just fill out this free questionnaire, and once approved Friday Plans will ship you your medication in 2-3 days absolutely free. 

So in the end not only do you get a free consultation, free shipping, and free prescription, but you save a massive amount on the medication itself. 

Sounds Too Good to Be True? Try It for Yourself Risk-free!

If this medication doesn’t give you firmer and longer-lasting erections, Friday Plans offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied, they will return every cent of your cash. Why such a large refund window? Because Friday Plans wants you to take your time, and see just how much better your life could be by upgrading to Sex 2.0.

Your mental health and sexual wellness are two of the most important aspects of maintaining a fulfilling life. Don’t wait until it’s too late, click here to start your questionnaire now!



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