Is It OK To Pee in the Shower?


I say sure, as long as you don’t sing!

And almost 70% of people who’ve responded to a poll conducted by writer/producer/actor Seth Coltan admit that they do it!

“Peeing in the shower is perfectly normal,” states one of the respondents. “It’s mostly a matter of convenience. You’re in the shower, and you realize you need to go. It just makes sense.”

But Coltan is pissed. He fumes, “When people say they do it for convenience, it’s an absolute copout. In just about every case, there’s a toilet located right next to the shower. It’s not too hard to plan that one out in advance.”

“Trust me,” he adds. “This topic remains a dividing factor.”

Yeah–there are those who say they pee in the shower and those who lie.

Anyway, go to and take the pee poll. Come on, let it all out!