Flight of the Conchords fans will remember the landscape photo on Murray’s wall whose caption read “New Zealand…Rocks!!!” But the little archipelago proves itself to be far more than just lyrical fodder for the comedic duo. Evidence? The New Zealand New Performance Festival. Award-winning and internationally acclaimed artists from Godzone take the stage at La MaMa for three weeks, showcasing nine works of experimental theater. Navigate the new you-topia in Binge Culture’s interactive performance-art piece (disguised as a self-help seminar) or its six-hour-long installation of an improvised breakup that somehow involves banana suits. In “All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever,” a video-game nerd avoids thinking about his father’s death with the help of a mysterious box that contains the universe’s best-kept secrets. A serious musical tribute to Chet Baker and a whimsical tribute to Hillary Clinton are equally at home in this “witty, direct, and profoundly Kiwi” festival.

March 12-29, 7:30 p.m., 2015