Jack Daniels the Cat Abducted in San Francisco, Found in Harlem


Awwww. Today in cat news: Jack Daniels, a nearly blind black cat, was somehow stolen from the San Francisco SPCA a year ago, and was found in Harlem last week. No one knows how exactly he got there or why — catnapping! — but after being discovered by animal control officers at 110th Street, he had his microchip scanned, and his rightful home on the West Coast was identified.

He’s now back in San Francisco. (JetBlue flew him back for free, without any reported flight attendant antics; a Brooklyn book designer named LeeAnn Falciani volunteered to escort him for the ride.)

Jack Daniels will go up for adoption within a day or two. Yay for adorable animals no longer in trouble! Fingers crossed he gets a good home soon, and is spared of further harrowing cross-country misadventures. Once a West Coast cat, always a West Coast cat.

[via San Francisco Chronicle]