Jack White Exits Stage, Leaving Fans Angry And Mystified


At Radio City last night, Jack White performed a short set (under an hour) and split, leaving the crowd confused and deeply pissed.

It was a big-time “love interruption.”

The theories floating around about White’s premature departure seem to be:

He didn’t like the sound.

He wasn’t happy that so many tickets went to scalpers.

He felt the audience was too subdued. (At one point, White wondered, “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?”)

But the first reason seems to be the one with the most credibility at this point. (And when an official statement comes in, I’ll let you know. No love interruption here.)

Anyway, as fans stormed out, they took their time to do a full set of insult spewing.

Some were heard yelling bon mots like “Fuck Jack White!”

But maybe the most pungent remark came from the disgruntled ex fan who yelped, “Jack White kills puppies!”

Yeah, but at least he does it quickly.