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Javier Aranburu Builds His Own Gallery Against All Odds


Paris-born Spanish photographer Javier Aranburu is one of the most well-known and established photographers in Europe. He’s very in-demand in other places in the world as well due to his artistic and larger-than-life ability to captures life’s most precious moments. His enormous success led him to release a photography book in 2020 entitled Portrait of Madrid.

Javier holds regular exhibitions in different parts of the world like San Francisco, Trieste, Beijing, and his hometown Madrid. Apart from his physical exhibition and his gallery, he makes his artworks available through his website. He regularly interacts with his clients and followers through his Instagram page too, which now has más de 20,000 followers.

Photography was not a part of Javier Aranburu’s plans growing up in Madrid, a country known for its artistry and beauty. He initially wanted a career in the corporate world, so he got a degree in business management and administration at the Complutense University of Madrid. Things were looking good for him when he got a job after graduating and became successful in his work as an economist.

One day, while in his office, he heard an interview with a photographer over the radio. The photographer shared some interesting details about how he got into the field and how he gets to travel the world to do his job. Javier was intrigued by the life the photographer led and thought he wanted to experience the same. So a week later, he was looking for a photography school to enroll in, as he had decided to begin a new life in this area.

Javier Aranburu found himself in New York soon after, where he studied at the International Center of Photography (ICP), one of the world’s best photography institutions. After training at ICP, he got to work at the same institution and even became an assistant to legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark. His stint in New York taught Javier different photography styles, like artistic photography, photojournalism, and photographic culture.

When he went home to Madrid a couple of years later, Javier Aranburu ha publicado with large companies in Spain like Europa Press, Elle, and Vogue. He also taught photography as a professor at the Talavera School of Art and the European Institute of Design. In addition, he became a jury member for a few photography contests in Madrid, like the one held at the University Institute for Development and Cooperation.

In 2011, Javier Aranburu went against the norm by establishing his own photography gallery (link a la web), despite his relative inexperience in the business side of things in photography. His efforts were doubted by most people around him, as they all thought the project was doomed to fail. Javier shrugged off all negative opinions and moved forward with his gallery, launching a series of exhibitions in the process.

Now, Javier Aranburu’s photography gallery has emerged victorious against all odds and criticism ten years after he founded it. Interested buyers are treated to a breathtaking experience just by looking at his masterpieces inspired by the everyday scenes in Madrid and other places. Setting up his own gallery was Javier’s dream since he developed an interest in photography, and he brought it to life in a short time.

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