Joanna Newsom


Does Joanna Newsom engender Björkish fetish adulation in the hearts and minds of her most devoted? Do folks dress in homespun taffeta and lug harps fashioned from yarn, glue and Midwest birch to the front rows of her shows? Maybe; well-known for her idiosyncratic yet fertile and beguilingly intellectual sound, the California-bred singer, songwriter, and harpist has certainly evolved toward a certain offbeat reputation. 2010’s Have One on Me is no exception: a likely candidate for numerous best-of lists, it represents a mellowing of her vocal self while still plunging deep into fantastic schisms of folk balladry, psychedelic ephemera, and the hirsute fog of cloistered 1970s vinyl piety. It’s her world according to harp, and it’s always in flux.

Tue., Nov. 23, 8 p.m., 2010