Joey Division or Pearl Jam Band (You Decide) Resurrected


Founding keyboardist-songwriter Andrew Farriss met a wandering shaman one day in the inhospitable western Australian desert when their tour bus experienced mechanical problems on the way to the remote Mt. Goldsworthy mining colony where INXS were playing a six-day, three-set-daily residency. The manager who named INXS (alluding to both “inaccessibility” and a TV commercial for IXL [“I excel in everything I do”] Jam) later found God and went on walkabout for two years . Years after headlining an INXS show, Stuart Goddard’s career collapsed and he was arrested in a firearm incident. File With: Squeeze; Other Voices; Movement (New Order’s “Perfect Kiss” goes, “tonight I should have stayed at home, playing with my pleasure zone”; Switch‘s “Perfect Stranger” goes, “don’t let the bad world change you”); Back in Black (“Hell’s Bells” goes, “if good’s on the left then I’m stickin’ to the right”; Switch‘s “Devil’s Party” goes, “if we’re all right then tell who’s wrong”); The Net (first Little River Band album post–Glen Shorrock).