Kenneth Moreno at NYPD Rape Trial: ‘I Don’t Kiss and Tell’


In a second day of testimony at his rape trial, NYPD officer Kenneth Moreno told a prosecutor that he never told his partner about what happened in the East Village bedroom where a drunk woman claims he raped her because “I was embarrassed.” Franklin Mata, Moreno’s co-officer on trial as an accomplice for waiting in the living room during the alleged assault, did not know, as Moreno testified yesterday, that the woman supposedly came onto him. “I don’t kiss and tell,” he said — a disgustingly glib response to go along with a disgusting case.

Moreno maintains that he never had sex with the woman, though he’s on tape telling her he wore a condom; on the stand, he says they merely cuddled as she tried to kiss him. As we’ve noted, Moreno and his partner returned to the woman’s apartment four times that night — to check on her, they claim — and Moreno has admitted to faking a 911 call in order to return to the building.

Also on the secret recording made by the woman — who says she “woke up to being penetrated from behind” — is Moreno saying, “It was only me,” in response to her questioning whether both Moreno and Mata raped her. He says he was “just telling her what she wanted to hear,” the Daily News reports. The trial could wrap up as early as this week.