Kings County Distillery Already Too Big for Its Britches


Brooklyn’s first whiskey distillery since Prohibition, Kings County, released its bourbon earlier this month after just about a year of peddling nothing but an un-aged white whiskey. It looks like business is good, because the distillery is already looking to expand.

During a recent tour of the East Williamsburg facility where both whiskeys are made, the owners mentioned plans to relocate to a bigger space.

“We’re definitely moving, but haven’t yet found a space,” said co-owner Colin Spoelman when we emailed him. “We’re looking to stay in Williamsburg / Bushwick, but would consider Greenpoint too.”

If you happen to have or know of a space available that’s bigger than the 325 square feet they currently distill in, why not drop them a line? Hey, there are worse neighbors to have than whiskey producers, to be sure.