Kosher Restaurant Prime Grill to Reopen Monday on the Heels of Solo Dairy Italian Kitchen


The Prime Hospitality Group, which now owns five glatt kosher restaurants in Manhattan, will reopen its 13-year-old flagship Prime Grill on Monday at 25 West 56th Street, a move uptown from its original digs on 49th Street that the restaurant vacated in January.

“We’re known for pushing the envelope as far as kosher cuisine goes,” explains Marissa Rosenberg, who does marketing for the group. “There’s a stigma attached to kosher restaurants; people say the food isn’t good. It was our owner Joey Allaham’s dream to open a good kosher restaurant. We’ve done well, and we’re just relocating at this point.”

Come Monday, the group will unveil its new address, which features a Herzog wine room for special events, and chef David Kolotkin will once again helm the burners, turning out a meat-focused menu of sliders, flatbreads, and entrees like a Long Island breast of duck with quinoa cake, duck confit, and cranberry relish, and a wood-grilled veal chop with peach fritters, porcini mushrooms, and whipped potatoes.

The move comes on the heels of the group’s debut of Solo Dairy Italian Kitchen, which started serving on May 26 in the Sony Atrium at 550 Madison Avenue. “It’s the frst time we’ve done something dairy,” says Rosenberg. “The owner is a meat-lover, but he’s also a pizza-lover. He always wanted to do something dairy. And since the new Prime Grill is moving in down the block, it didn’t make sense to do another meat restaurant.”

Allaham enlisted Giulio Adriani to consult on the menu, and in addition to a list of kosher pizzas, the chef put together a board that includes fish-focused entrees and homemade pastas. “It’s been really exciting for us,” says Rosenberg. “There aren’t many kosher dairy restaurants in the city.”

That restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Sunday through Thursday and lunch Friday.