“Like Tumblr Times A Million”: Chippy Nonstop on Her Summer in NYC


Chippy Nonstop is fast emerging as Kreayshawn’s new BFF. Based in the Bay Area, the diminutive rapstress saw her profile bump earlier this year when Kreayshawn directed the video for her “Kicked Out Da Club” track. Now she’s on the road with Kreay and Rye Rye for the Group Hug tour, which touches down in New York City tonight at Irving Plaza. The pit-stop is something of a second home-coming for Chippy, who decamped to Bushwick for a few months earlier this summer. Here’s her NYC travelogue.

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Why did you decide to move to New York for a while?
Yeah, it was during the summer. I wanted to leave California for a bit, and I wanted to do some shows there. It was a fun, although a bit unintentional.

What was the most memorable show you played in New York?
I played this party called Top8. It was like the best party ever. They had really sick visuals all over the walls, 3D visuals, and all these visuals came out of the wall, and on another wall [was a] projection of people playing video games. And everyone’s dressed crazy, like Tumblr times a million.

What was the craziest outfit you saw at Top8?
There’s this guy that dresses like the craziest! He was wearing a wedding gown and contacts, like crazy color contacts that make him look like a demon, all weirded out.

Did you talk to him?
Yeah, I asked him during my performance if he’d ever gotten kicked out of a club.

What did he say?
I think he said he likes to put his foot up a bouncer’s ass or something weird. I don’t really know the full story, but it was something about putting his foot up a bouncer’s ass, like literally, like not just kicking him, but, you know…

Did you get kicked out of any clubs yourself while in New York?
I didn’t get kicked out of any clubs in New York!

Where did you stay while you were here?
I was staying in Bushwick.

How did you find your apartment?
Twitter! I tweeted that I needed a place to stay.

Did you know the people you moved in with?
No, but someone I knew knew one of the girls kind of, vaguely, from Twitter also.

What were your roommates like?
They were chill, really normal. But I was never there really, I was always out. I was also traveling while I was there.

And the apartment?
The apartment was nice. It was cozy. It was brand new and cool. I had like no furniture or anything, I just had a mattress.

What did you think of Bushwick?
There were a lot of Puerto Rican families and they were like always putting really loud music on, like playing the whole Usher album all day, the old-ass Usher album. It was cool. And I got my nails done really cheaply.

What about the food in New York?
It’s really good. I ate a lot of pizza and a lot of falafel and a lot of shawarma.

Where was your favorite place to eat in Bushwick?
I would literally only eat at one place in Bushwick across from where I was staying. It was like a ratchet falafel place. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, it was just open really late.

Did you see anything weird while you were riding the subway?
Well on the BART train in San Francisco I see weird shit, but there was nothing weird in New York. The people on the train were pretty chill in New York, just regular. There was a lot of bums on the train.

Did you ever give the bums any money?
Yes. I would always buy those fruity pebble things, the Gummi Bears and stuff from the bums, or M&Ms.

So what can people expect if they come to your New York show
Just high energy. I think it’s gonna be a good show ’cause we probably, all of us together, we probably have a bigger following in New York because everyone’s more informed there. There’s gonna be a lot of dancing!

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