Look for Brown Butter Potato Chips at the Union Square Greenmarket


Fighting through the spring crowds at the Union Square Greenmarket (those are MY ramps!) can induce serious hunger. On your next visit, look out for the bags of salty potato chips at the Mountain Sweet Berry Farm stand, one of the market’s best snacks.

The delicate chips, made from German butterball potatoes, are the creation of company founder Rick Bishop, a salt-of-the-earth farmer and favorite supplier for many of the city’s chefs, including Dan Barber, Wylie Dufresne, and David Bouley.

At $4 per bag, the Brown Butter potato chips are a sweet and nutty delight. You’ll find them, along with three other varieties, at Mountain Sweet’s tiny, untented table near the 17th Street entrance to the market. Buy a bag–or two. You won’t want to share.