Luddite Ostracized for Continuing to Use Oldfangled Typewriting Machine in 2010


The Daily News reports on an intriguing case of low-tech discrimination today: the one last lonely typewriter-lover who rents space at the Writers Room in Greenwich Village has been unceremoniously kicked out.

For six years, 37-year-old Skye Ferrante had been using his grandmother’s 1929 Royal typewriter to write children’s books at the $1,400-a-year rental facility; back in the old days, there was even a sign protecting the rights of people like him: “In the event that there are no desks available, laptop users must make room for typists.”

Alas, the typewriting salad days are over. Because we have computers. And computer users hate the infernal clacking and oh-aren’t-I-strong-and-authentic-I’m-lugging-around-a-big-old-typewriter pretensions of a guy who won’t just buy a freaking laptop. Also, they’re judgmental.

A growing number of scowls had replaced the smiles that once greeted the arrival of his black, glass-key typewriter.

“The minute the sign came down, I realized there was antagonism from some of the new members,” he said. “They gave me an attitude when they saw me setting up the typewriter.”

Staffers said he could switch to a laptop like any normal writer or have his money refunded, which Ferrante says is no choice at all. Typing is like vinyl, or a stick shift — he just likes it better. Which is totally fine, but maybe he can work from home?

Unfortunately, Ferrante can’t even find a typist to support his cause, because, as Writers Room executive director Donna Brodie says, “All the others had died or converted to laptops.” Or they’ve gone into hiding until the world is a kinder place.

But, seriously, there have to be some hipsters out there ironically using typewriters who can help the dude out, no?