Luncheon at OWS in Zuccotti Park Is No Sunday in the Park


Despite reports dripping with sarcasm (or maybe it was saliva) in the New York Post and other blue-blood rags about demonstrators at the Occupy Wall Street encampment feasting on gourmet vittles, my visit there this afternoon proved otherwise.

For carnivores: sardines mashed with parsley and salad oil on a baguette (click on any image to enlarge)

Lunch today was a sardine sandwich on a short length of baguette, a serving of boiled corn, and a vegetarian stew of potatoes, peppers, and diverse beans. That was it. There wasn’t a shred of arugula or lobe of foie gras in sight. In fact, the campers I talked to were perpetually short on vittles, despite individuals generously putting out bowls of chips, breakfast cereals, and vegetarian dips at nearly every turn in the narrow paths that wend their way through tents and tables, as demonstrators milled around, clutching cups of bodega coffee.

In fact, any food that you can bring down to Zuccotti Park, prepared or otherwise, will be appreciated.

The vegetarian bean stew should be labeled “makeshift” rather than “gourmet.”

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The cooks hard at work under the blue tent

The friendly front-of-the-house staff

One corner of the OWS encampment

A couple of lefty celebrities: comedian Randy Credico (upper right), and Aron Kaye (below, on the phone), the anarchist who famously threw pies at Rupert Murdoch, G. Gordon Liddy, Phyllis Schlafly, and William Shatner. William Shatner?