Man With Hypodermic Needle Strikes Again in the Bronx


It’s one thing getting robbed at gun point. It’s another thing getting a knife pulled on you. But having someone threaten you with a hypodermic needle in their hand is a whole other experience.

Over the past six weeks, this has been the case in the Bronx. A 39-year-old man, identified as Angel Anthony Clintron, has reportedly run rampant across Morris County, pulling out a hypodermic needle to steal an assortment of Apple products – iPhones, iPads, iPods and the likes.
He first struck in late August when he threatened a man on East Tremont Avenue. Since then, there have been seven other occasions in which victims, mostly teenagers and all males, have reported to cops that a man threatened them with a hypodermic needle. The most recent case occurred yesterday morning: a 14-year-old boy on the 1 train at around 8:30 am was held at needle-point while the suspect stole his phone and ran off the train around 145th Street.
Police are unsure if the robbery was linked to the other seven crimes or so earlier that month. But who else robs people with a hypodermic needle?
In terms of other background information, most of Clintron’s suspected robberies occurred in the morning hours. On September 14th, police believe that he robbed three different people in one day. No one should be able to get away with pulling a hypodermic needle to rob that many times.
For those living in the Bronx area, watch out for this twisted suspect: according to police, Clintron is 5’8″, 145 pounds and scars under his left eye and nose. As if this smartphone crime spree couldn’t get more ridiculous, now we have a guy with a hypodermic needle out to steal our Apple products.
What’s next? We’ll volunteer not to guess.