Marketing Specialist Cody Cruz Knows How to Make Things Go Viral


The goal of marketing is to attract an audience and get them to purchase your product or service. In today’s world, this requires a different approach than traditional marketing techniques from years ago. Many factors go into finding the right target market and understanding what they want, which Cody Cruz knows how to do very well. A marketing specialist with a lengthy portfolio of successfully making projects go viral, Cruz specializes in branding, social media, and digital marketing strategies for businesses looking to expand their customer base. He has experience in online media, advertising, communications, and digital strategy, which he believes are crucial for business owners in today’s environment.

Cruz is the founder and CEO of Viral Press Agency, a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media management, content creation, talent management, voiceovers, and digital marketing. His clients include many celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile customers in other industries. Over the years, Cruz has built a vast network to provide immediate exposure for brands and businesses. As the marketing and tech landscape continues evolving, Viral Press Agency is well-prepared to take its clients’ brands to greater levels through a multifaceted approach.

With more people throughout the world turning to the internet for information and entertainment, Cruzbelieves that should be the starting point for all business owners. It is often said that content is king, so content creation is a core component business owners should incorporate into their marketing strategies. However, in this case, quality will matter more than quantity. People’s attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, which is why you need riveting content with the potential to go viral. But how do you do that? According to Cruz, you need to understand your audience to get their attention. An expert in that area, Cruz has a knack for understanding what will attract an audience with minimal effort from his clients.

Cruz’s success comes from understanding the needs of his clients’ target markets and their competition. He then uses these insights to build winning social media strategies that will help businesses get more customers through paid and organic means. Cruz ensures customer satisfaction by connecting his clients with the right tools, websites, content, and influencers so they can build powerful brands. From content creation to management, Cruz and his team can place their clients’ names at the top of the minds of their audiences. Sometimes, Cruz has found success in helping his clients reach new heights with their companies through innovative advertising techniques such as videos or infographics that attract a broader demographic.

Social media management is another skill Cruz leverages to help his clients. He is renowned for building brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, as well as generating buzz for events like trade shows or conferences. Cruz’s well-executed social media strategies have helped countless businesses grow from a grassroots level to become global giants. His mission is to expand his reach, helping even more startups scale and achieve the highest level of success. Cruz’s work has been featured in publications such as LA Wire, NY Weekly, London Daily Post, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, California Herald, Influencive, Disrupt, and Fox 34, among others.

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