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Matthew J Phillips’ Brutally Honest Pitch Deck For Sound Hiring Decisions


According to the IFS, the UK’s top 1% – members of the highest tax bracket – makes up just 310,000 people out of its 67.6 million population. Access to this club requires an income of at least £160,000 per year, with incomes of £236,000 and £650,000 per year needed to reach the top 0.5% and 0.1%, respectively.

Matthew J Phillips is the 20-year-old Co-Founder of Organic Clients Agency, a UK-based (though primarily US-serving) branding agency with the goal of reaching the top 0.1%. As a business, Organic Clients Agency’s focus is increasing the status of their clients quickly and efficiently through press and social media growth services. So much so, speed and efficiency are two of their main principles, much like some of the most successful businesses out there – Amazon, for example.

And just recently, the fast-growing agency has successfully reached the five figure month mark, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. But they’re not interested in scaling mindlessly. Instead, they’ve put together a detailed blueprint for bringing their business to the million dollar mark.

But this relentless – though thought out – climb comes at a cost. One Matthew and an outsourced staffing agency have made abundantly clear on their newly uploaded pitch deck on employment website, Indeed:

Anyone looking to join his team would be expected to work long hours, endure near-constant defeat and be paid almost nothing for the first 30 days. You see, this period is when new hires learn the ropes and prove their mettle.

Meeting applicants via Zoom, Matthew reiterates this before anything else to sift through who’s serious about supporting OC’s (Organic Clients’) mission of joining the top 0.1% of UK earners. So far, Matthew says this approach has filtered out scores of would-be hires who simply underestimated what being on his team entailed.

Sure, the role is valuable. Sure, there’s a £90,000 per year salary. Sure, the opportunity is huge. But it won’t come easy. But with just two positions left to fill, the right fits are yet to be found.

See, Matthew finds most people his age fear honesty, and label anyone who uses it in favour of sugarcoating things as bigoted or cold-hearted. However, Matthew has no problem telling it like it is and thinking for himself. He mainly attributes these traits to the type of information he consumes; credible, factual sources over biased reporting. This allows for good decisions and productivity – two things he believes his generation lacks.

Long-term, Matthew aims to remove himself from Organic Clients and make the agency fully automated by the time he’s 21. However, getting the right people on board is critical to making this happen, with the first set of new hires operating in lead generation. These will mainly come in the form of Appointment Setters for prospecting entrepreneurs and influencers looking for PR, and Sales Reps responsible for walking prospects through the agency’s process and services.

While adding the finishing touches to his team, working to automate his business and reaching the 7-figure mark are huge tasks for Organic Clients Agency right now, you can follow theirs and Matthew’s journey to the 0.1% via @matthewjphillips.

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