Me Alert! I’m Unzipping My Mouth at the Zipper!


I never say no to anything—except a respectful, loving boyfriend or a public appearance that will give me both prestige and large sums of money. And so, when some kooky show called Happy Sunshine Kung Fu Flower called and asked if I’d be willing to be interviewed onstage for free at the Zipper by some precious Japanese girls this Saturday night, I said hai. The release, in all of its cuteness (and weirdness), goes like so:


Michael Musto will be our special guest for the next Happy Sunshine Kung Fu Flower at The Zipper Factory (336 W. 37 Street) , 10.30pm, May 31. Special musical guest, Motel Motel. Happy Sunshine Kung Fu Flower is a multimedia socio-political satire centering on a group of outsourced Japanese Ninjas hired by China to infiltrate the American psyche by taking on roles in the media, pop culture, and politics. The savvy show, now at The Zipper Factory, began at Lotus and later moved to Comix and Ars Nova, gaining recognition and a cult following in NYC for integrating political pundits, celebrities, journalists, and music from the NYC underground scene into its raw comedy format.

Complimentary bag of rice with your $20 ticket! Supplies are limited, so you
should buy now!

Call 212.352.3101 or visit www.zippertheater.com for ticket information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Happiness is a slave crop,

Next up, can a date with Kung Fu Panda be far behind?