Meet LinkMe: The Tech Start-Up Making Connecting Simple and Safe in the New World of Coronavirus


Over the past year and a half, recreational social activities essentially came to a halt due to the worldwide spread of Covid-19, turning people out from mingling in public and toward connecting online. But as lockdown restrictions begin to ease and the chance to meet fresh people has returned, a new app has emerged on just how to exchange information in a safe and secure way without getting too close for comfort. That’s where new tech start-up LinkMe comes into play, making it easy to share all your social media accounts effortlessly — and from a distance.

LinkMe has revolutionized the way the world networks through compiling all social media accounts into one accessible place, completely eliminating the fuss of entering all the different applications’ usernames into someone’s phone. With a unique QR code generated for each and every user, it’s as simple as a quick scan to be completely connected in seconds. This game-changing feature has made socializing during the pandemic easier than ever, as LinkMe can scan QR codes from more than six feet away — the recommended sanitary distance of the times — without the chance of contagion in the process.

The innovative solution to social media users’ common plight also gives full control of exactly what information is shared to which people. Made a connection in the business world? LinkMe can keep it professional by just sharing relevant networks like LinkedIn and PayPal. Meet someone cool in a concert? A quick scan of LinkMe’s QR code instantly exchanges Spotify and Apple Music accounts. And for those super active in the social media world, it’s easier than ever to share Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and so much more in just the blink of an eye.

“COVID has made it so hard to meet new people; think of LinkMe’s QR code as the new high five,” said LinkMe’s CEO Net Kohen. Founded between Kohen, who is well known for his work with his app developing company NXTGEN, COO and social media management master Val Share and marketing extraordinaire CMO Dre Medici, LinkMe has some of the best and brightest brains in the business behind its operation and leading it through the pandemic.

The buzzy new platform also rewards users suffering from the economic effects of Covid-19 with a much-needed morale boost in the form of giveaways, which all users are entered in immediately upon download of the LinkMe app — plus an extra entry for every user referred. From a sought-after PlayStation 5 to a brand new Tesla (or $25,000, for those not inclined to driving), plus a hundred Amazon gift cards of different value, simply opening a LinkMe account gives users the amazing chance to win one of these energizing rewards.

While the impacts of the pandemic have been undeniable on the world’s ability to interact with one another, LinkMe’s innovative technology makes the mass reintegration into society all that much more seamless and safe for all.

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