“Mira, Maricón!”


That’s just what an employee seemed to say to me at Cafe Gigi the other day as he passed by me.

“What did you say?” I exclaimed in horror.

He looked confused, unaware that he’d done anything wrong and unable to explain himself as he kept going out into the street, where he was bringing trays of stuff to a side entrance.

I promptly ran to the cashier and explained what had happened and told her that’s not proper talk for a restaurant and no way to treat a customer.

I was in disbelief that in 2010 New York this kind of hateful shit could still take place!

She was apologetic but explained, “I’m sure it wasn’t you he was saying that to. He and his fellow worker play around all day and make fun of each other. He said it to the guy in the back.”

I sort of believed her, but I still don’t think that’s proper talk for a restaurant!

Would white people tossing around the n-word be considered cute banter?