Momo Milk Bar Climbs on the Cake Ball Train


Back in March, Christina Tosi explained to us that she’d taken cake slices off the menu at Momofuku Milk Bar because they just weren’t selling quickly enough. Cake fiends were none too pleased with the development, but now it seems that Tosi is throwing them a bone, so to speak: The cakes have returned, but in ball form.

Cake balls have of late been gaining popularity in the dessert world, making their mark from Hester Street to Texas. Technically, Momofuku is calling their cake balls “cake truffles,” but semantics aside, they, like their ball brethren, are bite-sized wads of cake. They come in the Milk Bar’s regular flavors: chocolate malt, banana, and the new vanilla-flavored “birthday” variety; a chocolate-chip cake truffle is available at the Noodle Bar.

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