“Monk-Rod”! Okay, Maybe Not…


The Yankees made some cuts after the game tonight: Jackson, Kennard, Whelan, Duncan, Gonzalez, Miranda, Gardner, and 18-year-old outfield phenom Jose Tabata. Everyone knew they were coming, so there were a lot of twitchy, fidgeting minor leaguers clustered together around the locker room this afternoon.

Afterwards I watched Tabata pack up his stuff in the clubhouse and thought: in five or six years, when this guy is named to the All-Star team, wins the MVP, or hits a walk-off home run in the playoffs… I can say I watched him clean out his locker at his first big-league camp. Okay, okay, fine — he’s only 18 and who knows what the hell will become of him, but it’s spring training and I get to let my imagination run wild.

Mike Mussina didn’t pitch well again, and used the word “frustrated” a lot. But at the same time, I don’t think he doubts he’ll come around; it just seems to be harder than he’d hoped. “It’ll take some work,” he said several times, and “It’s a struggle right now.” He and Torre seemed to agree that it’s a least partly a matter of getting his arm strength up.

The Alex Rodriguez controversy du jour involves comments he made on Mike & the Mad Dog today, but really, I don’t think there’s much new in there. He didn’t say anything shocking; it’s just at a point where everything that comes out of his mouth is news.

I think he should take a vow of silence. Seriously: if he just completely stopped talking to everyone, how much cooler would he be? Fans would love him. Granted, it might hurt his endorsement deals for a while, but I say it’s worth it in the long run. And think of the fun nicknames and Hall of Fame inscription! This is the best idea I’ve had in ages. Probably I should get some sleep.